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Revealed: Cesar Sayoc’s back-up Twitter account

The other one follows a lot of conservatives

October 26, 2018

2:39 PM

26 October 2018

2:39 PM

The Florida man arrested this morning in connection with the pipe bombs mailed to prominent liberals has been identified as Cesar Sayoc, a 56-year-old with a criminal history in Broward County.

The Daily Beast’s Kelly Weill and Will Sommer were quick to identify what appears to be his Twitter account. Sayoc appears in the cover photo of @hardrock2016, and the profile has posted videos of him chanting at Trump rallies.

Wide-eyed conspiracy theorists have begun to speculate about why he seems to only follow left-wing celebrities, like Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and Lena Dunham fueling utterly unsubstantiated and entirely ludicrous speculation of a false flag operation.

But a closer examination shows one of the profiles he follows is the similarly-handled @hardrockintlent. This account also tweets rabid anti-Democrat memes at a rate thats either robotic or psychotic. Targets of its ire include Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, George Soros, Joe Biden and Christine Blasey Ford. It also features an image of Cesar Sayoc at the Hard Rock Cafe as its cover photo.

cesar sayoc @hardrockintlent

@hardrockintlent cover photo, with Cesar Sayoc on the left

@hardrockintlent follows over 1,000 people, including Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and several Fox News presenters.

The account has also tweeted its allegiance to the Seminole nation regularly:

cesar sayoc seminole

The same Seminole nation flag can be seen on the rear window of the white van that was seized by federal investigators earlier today:

So much for a false flag operation…

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