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Robert Mueller’s day off

No indictments, Trump emboldened

March 22, 2019

6:14 PM

22 March 2019

6:14 PM

After aeons trapped in a Beckettian nightmare, Robert Mueller’s report is finally on the Attorney General’s desk. Intriguingly, he waited for the markets to close before doing so, like a true capitalist.

So, Cockburn off by a mere two weeks. But what of the indictments?

As Bloomberg’s report indicates:

‘Mueller’s decision to issue a final report indicates that he chose not to indict other major figures in his investigation, including members of Trump’s family and the president. However, if he secured any indictments under seal, they could be handed off to other elements of the Justice Department.’

Could sealed indictments be handed off to Southern District of New York and other jurisdictions? Remember, any US Attorney can prosecute with DoJ permission, and the SDNY filed new charges against Paul Manafort on the day of his sentencing by the DC circuit.

Why the wait? It’s possible that the Special Counsel had to delay his delivery due to earlier comments by former CIA director John Brennan. Or, as Michael Beschloss suggests, perhaps he was just waiting for the 46th anniversary of the Watergate tape where President Nixon tells John Mitchell, ‘I want you all to stonewall it, let them plead the Fifth Amendment, cover-up or anything else, if it’ll save it – save the plan.’

In his letter to Sens. Lindsay Graham and Dianne Feinstein and Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Doug Collins, AG Barr described the Mueller report as containing an explanation of ‘the prosecution or declination decisions he has reached.’

But, and this is important, according to the DoJ, Mueller isn’t recommending further indictments. This could mean that the president is as innocent as he was always professed he is. It could also mean the indictments have already been filed and are under seal.

Cockburn’s well-placed source for his earlier stories said, ‘If this fizzles, Orange will be stronger and more vindictive.’ Too right…

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