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Sarah Sanders’ loose lips could capsize the White House

There’s a veritable orgy of news coming out of the White House about former porn star Stormy Daniels. The latest installment came when Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing on Wednesday. The usually unflappable Sanders, who breathes contempt for the press corps, forgot that even if she officially works for the American government as a press secretary at the White House, her real world-historical task is to function as a loyal servant to Donald Trump or risk losing his favor, which she apparently kind of has. Coming on top of being called a “fat slob” by former Trump lackey Sam Nunberg on national television on Monday, it’s turning into a no good, very bad week for Sanders.

Daniels is trying to wriggle out of the original agreement that she signed that paid her $130,000 to keep mum about her encounters with Trump. She says that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen voided it by acknowledging that it existed. When asked about the brouhaha, Sanders, as is her wont, tried to wave it all away as much ado about nothing. Sanders blandly remarked at a press briefing in response to a question about the hugger-mugger over Stormy Daniels that arbitration was already won ‘in the president’s favor’ against her. But this was a mistake. The mistake was inadvertently to alert a vigilant press corps to the fact that Donald Trump and his janissaries were trying to silence Daniels in the first place. Michael Cohen obtained a restraining order against her. Alas, the gag order itself caused Daniels to gag and news of it helped to revive the brouhaha over Trump’s apparent relationship, if that’s the right word, with the porn star whose new credo as she tours the country is that she will ‘make America horny again.’

CNN reports that Trump himself is livid with Sanders for her loose lips. In the current stormy environment, they may not sink any ships but they threaten to capsize the White House. A White House source says, ‘POTUS is very unhappy. Sarah gave the Stormy Daniels storyline steroids yesterday.’ Trump, according to the Brookings Institution, is already up to a record 43 per cent staff turnover rate. Will Sanders now inch it up to 44?

Odds are that Sanders will ride it out. In a White House consumed by chaos, her infraction may well soon be forgotten. Right now, the White House continues to squabble about what the precise provisions of Trump’s tariffs should consist of even as they claim that an announcement will be made later this afternoon. Trump keeps boasting about how a trade war would be easy to win. Maybe so, but he’s already got several battlefronts to attend to at home, ranging from the legal peril of the Mueller investigation to the current flap over Daniels. This is no time for Trump to get too cocky.

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