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Dr Sebastian Gorka — father of soy boys

Is there nothing the good doctor can’t sell?

November 12, 2019

6:30 PM

12 November 2019

6:30 PM

Dr Sebastian Gorka, PhD, is a man who wears many hats. Former deputy assistant to the president, celebrated podcast host, rabble-rousing public speaker, travel companion to Mike Pompeo, author, hopeless romantic. But perhaps his finest work is as a salesman.

Yes, when he’s not dominating the airwaves or revving his Mustang, Dr Gorka can be found hawking fish oil pills that help ease back pain. You may have seen these ads on Fox News — Cockburn was so moved by them he ordered a three-year supply.

But like any great entrepreneur, Gorka is always diversifying, always reaching new markets. His latest commercial is for the dietary supplement Balance of Nature, released last month.

‘If you think about what you spend money on…I think about coffee,’ Gorka tells the camera. ‘We’ve become a coffee culture, you know, people like their lattes, their spiced cappucinos, whatever it is. If you think of the price of Balance of Nature, it’s probably the equivalent of 10 coffees…for a month.’ A compelling argument — ditch the pumpkin spice lattes and drop some Balance of Nature pills. The doctor says so!

The ad has garnered a bit of attention this week thanks to a strategic ad buy from Salem Media, the company that owns Gorka’s radio show.

But what’s in Balance of Nature? It may surprise some Gorka fans to know that a pot of the Veggies™️ variation contains 15 vegetables, including…soy bean. That’s right — for the right price, Dr Gorka will plug a product that could turn a truck-drivin’, gun-totin’ deplorable into a soy boy.

Cockburn is nonetheless tempted by Dr Gorka’s pitch.

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