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Steve Bannon’s army of lookalikes

‘Steve Bannon kinda looks like Amy Schumer after applying both the old and male filters’

August 17, 2020

1:31 PM

17 August 2020

1:31 PM

Stephen K. Bannon positioned himself as the godfather of a new American political movement. Now he’s cultivated the aesthetic of a true guru.

Bannon appeared on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures sporting a new, more laid-back summer look, with flowing gray locks and a Mediterranean tan, as if he’d wandered off the set of a mid-Nineties Coen Brothers movie.

Cockburn knows it’s rather unfair to judge political figures by their physical appearances — particularly someone like Steve Bannon, who has been scrutinized for wearing two collared shirts at once by podcasters and described as looking like ‘if Nick Offerman drowned’ by comedians. Perhaps it’s barbs like these that prompted Bannon to revisit the sartorial drawing board.

Before he reinvented himself, Bannon had a doppelgänger: Keith Heard, a lobbyist and former Republican Senate staffer. Luckily Twitter was on hand to suggest some more lookalikes who could emulate Bannon if he’s ever in need of a body double.

Porn star Ron Jeremy

Rock star Meat Loaf

Comedian Ron White

A fan of country star Willie Nelson

Actor Jon Voight

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell

Timothy Spall playing Peter Pettigrew

Danny McBride as Kenny Powers

Country singer Johnny Cash

Jeff Bridges playing Jeff Lebowski

Actor Kurt Russell

Comedian Amy Schumer

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Strip club owner Peter Stringfellow

Country singer Ricky Skaggs

Podcast host Steve Bannon

Despite the online japes, Cockburn hopes Bannon stays the course and continues his untamed look throughout 2020, particularly if rumors of him rejoining the Trump campaign are true. Wouldn’t it be something to see a pony-tailed Bannon, donning two Hawaiian shirts under a dark coat, stood applauding in the wings of the Plaza Hotel come November as the President celebrates his landslide reelection?

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