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How much is Stormy Daniels’s time really worth?

Storming out of Celebrity Big Brother UK...

August 20, 2018

9:43 AM

20 August 2018

9:43 AM

Another day, another Stormy Daniels controversy. This time, the adult film actress and former Trump lover earned the ire of reality TV bosses after withdrawing from Celebrity Big Brother UK hours before the premiere. Cockburn wonders how surprised they were to learn that porn stars pull out at the last minute.

The famously sedate British tabloids were flabbergasted by the reported fee for Daniels’s appearance: she was set to be paid £500,000, or $636,796.50 for one week on the show.

And with fair reason: over the last few months, no-one has paid close to $90k a day for Ms Daniels’s time. A Forbes report from April crunched the numbers to work out whether the scandal involving a rolled-up copy of their magazine had benefitted the porn star financially. Industry experts estimated she would earn between $5k and $20k for a strip club appearance — though presumably arrests cost extra. Meanwhile her day job would see her make $1k per scene, either as director or performer, plus the salaries paid to her by companies like Digital Playground.

Instead of splashing out on a fake White House set, shouldn’t Endemol have installed a pole in Elstree studios and saved a few bucks?

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