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Why you should subscribe to The Spectator

Not just because it’s 50 percent off

June 23, 2020

1:51 PM

23 June 2020

1:51 PM

A senior editor at the New York Times was hounded out of his job because the newspaper published a slightly controversial article. The paper’s staff — and, bizarrely, many of its readers — now demand total conformity of opinion in the opinion pages. How boring is that?

The Spectator is different.

We are a magazine, not a newspaper, and we take a very different approach to journalism. We’ve been around longer than the Times (23 years longer, to be precise), and we encourage our writers to disagree with each other.

We want arguments and clashing points of view. It makes for much better reading.

We also try not to take ourselves too seriously. Unlike the Gray Lady, we never confuse the serious with the dull.

We’re new to America and we want Americans to know what we are all about — that’s why we have a special ‘Not the New York Times’ offer, with 50 percent off the normal price. Just use the discount code NOTNYT when you subscribe.

Also, you can now buy a gift subscription for a friend.

Don’t think alike. Read The Spectator.

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