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Failing Glenn Beck still appears to have a personal chef

May 20, 2018

9:14 AM

20 May 2018

9:14 AM

Glenn Beck’s online media business is crumbling and he just became a former “Never Trumper,” but he appears to still have a personal chef.

The Daily Beast reported in September that Beck fired 30 percent of the The Blaze’s staff, but had kept on his personal chef. Beck has since put his private jet up for sale and is reportedly considering selling The Blaze to The Daily Wire, the upstart conservative website led by Ben Shapiro.

Despite all of this, Matthew Shelton, Beck’s personal chef, still has a job. Shelton is identified as Glenn’s personal chef in a blog post on Beck’s website, and Shelton tweeted earlier this month that he is excited to see Blaze host Stu Burguiere at work.

Beck has had quite the downfall during the past several years. Beck left Fox News in 2011 after achieving conservative stardom with a wacky show that compared Obama to Hitler, and charted out vast conspiracies on a blackboard.

Beck’s new media company The Blaze was relevant for a bit, but started declining in the lead-up to Trump’s rise in the 2016 primary. Beck mocked Trump at one point by dipping his face in cheetos and then campaigned for Sen. Ted Cruz.

Beck has failed to grab ahold of the changing conservative mood. When he and other conservatives met with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2016, instead of challenging Zuckerberg, Beck “began the most extended, assiduous suck up I think I’ve ever seen a grown man commit,” according to fellow meeting attendee Tucker Carlson.

On Friday, Beck announced he would gladly vote for Trump in 2020, and called Trump’s record “pretty damn amazing.”

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