As a generally mordant mood sets in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you could be forgiven for thinking that American politics risks becoming a grim slog.

Luckily, in the Age of Donald the Outrageous, someone is always keeping it interesting.

To Minnesota – for a superb entry into the political advertising canon.

The wind is at the back of Democrat Dean Phillips, who is looking to unseat incumbent Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen.

He may have just delivered his killing stroke.

‘I thought I was good at hiding,’ intones Bigfoot, the legendary sasquatch, at the beginning of the advert. ‘Then Erik Paulsen comes along.’

‘Does Erik Paulsen exist? I mean, where’s the proof?’ our creature comrade continues. ‘I had to know…Paulsen takes thousands of money from Big Pharma…So, the most likely place to find him is at a big pharmaceutical company. And that’s where I went.’

‘It took seven minutes.’