It is, I suppose, something of a coup for pro-lifers that Blair Back’s drag queen act got onto the radar for depicting an abortion as a Halloween horror-fest.

Blair pulled a plastic doll out of his fake distended stomach in a Zombie Cannibal Performance. It wasn’t exactly meant to be an abortion; more a reference to all those horror film where the baby bursts out of a stomach, but abortion is the look we were getting. And if you were trying to suggest that abortion is merely a woman doing what she wants with her own body, this isn’t the look you want.

In fact, if any anti-abortion organization were to present abortion in quite such graphic and grisly terms, I think we know what pro-choicers would make of it. But there we have it: a drag queen presenting a doll-baby covered in blood to a soundtrack of Ke$ha’s ;Cannibal’ as a bit of performance art for Facebook. Yes, we can all pick up on the Alien reference, thank you, but even drag queens don’t have license to mock the realities of abortion.

Obviously, reacting to the wretched clip is exactly what Back wants, but you know what? If he wants to offend taste and decency and make light of doing away with a fetus, he can’t really be surprised if he elicits a mass gagging reflex. Let’s not give him more exposure; let’s merely point out that it’s not just ‘Christian groups’ pace Pink News who’ll feel repugnance at this actual Halloween horror.