If you can’t take the heat, don’t spend a summer at the self-styled ‘flagship conservative outlet of populist and nationalist thought.’

Raheem Kassam, the notorious, now-former global editor-in-chief (not to be confused with their national editor-in-chief) of the recently relaunched Human Events is out.

Or is he? Kassam ‘will be leaving that role,’ the outlet said in a press release. But the scarf-wearing svengali says it’s just a reshuffle: ‘There’s [nothing] to write I’m not leaving it’s a role change,’ he said in a text to Cockburn’s burner. His Instagram bio still describes him as the ‘Editor in chief of @HumanEvents.’

Like Stalin after Lenin’s stroke, lawyer-financier Will Chamberlain now heads the party and the state, apparently taking over from Kassam as editor.

It’s effectively a ‘relaunch’, Chamberlain told his livestream audience Friday afternoon. He described his former partner’s exit from the role as a ‘departure’. To where, editor-at-large? To pasture?

But some good news with the bad: HE contributors will now be paid, according to Chamberlain. Cockburn infers a plunder of Kassam’s former salary.

Rumors of the duo’s friction had been swirling around anyone in shouting distance of Trump Hotel DC for months.

But could it be that this is not so much another flameout for the Bannon acolyte as it is another improbable ascension?

The Brexit party, led by Kassam’s former boss Nigel Farage, is a rightist headache for Brexiteer prime minister Boris Johnson. What has Kassam been writing about with vigor in recent months? The perils of Johnsonism.

Though there is no date for a forthcoming general election in the UK, the Brexit party has already announced 150 candidates in various constituencies, and they say more are coming. One seat without a Brexit party candidate yet is Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Kassam’s old haunt.

Who is the current Member of Parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, you ask? Boris Johnson…

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