Show me who you lie about and I’ll tell you what you are. The big lie in this, our season of historical illiteracy and gratuitous destruction, is that the Jews are responsible for police killings of black Americans. How? The racist police of Amerikkka are trained by the Zionists.

That’s right. America has no history of violence against blacks and no history of anti-black policing. In the new blood libel, America was one big interracial paradise before the Jews taught Derek Chauvin to put his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

‘Israeli security forces are training American cops despite history of rights abuses,’ tweeted Charlotte Greensit in 2017. Greensit, an editor at the left-conspiracist website the Intercept, was promoting a demi-literate promotion of this conspiracy theory by Alice Speri. Greensit is now the managing editor of the New York Times’s opinion page. As she slithered up the greasy pole, Greensit deleted thousands of old tweets, this one included. But the snail-trail of slander is quite clear, and not at all new.

As soon as the Ferguson, Missouri protests began in August 2014, the slogan ‘Ferguson is Palestine’ appeared on the placards. When the Movement for Black Lives, a group affiliated with Black Lives Matter, promulgated a common platform in August 2016, its only foreign policy was that Israel must be shunned and destroyed as an ‘apartheid state’ that commits ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians. Another big lie.

In the same month, Amnesty USA claimed that ‘hundreds’ of American law enforcement officials from many states had received ‘training on crowd control, use of force and surveillance’ from Israel’s ‘national police, military and intelligence services’. That’s not true.

Amnesty’s claims are routinely cited as fact by the hard left and radical black groups. Its report and the libel it fosters have filtered into outlets as varied as the the British communist newspaper the Morning Star, the Washington Post and the website of the New York Review of Books.

‘The Israeli military trains US police in racist and repressive policing tactics, which systematically targets Black and Brown bodies,’ tweeted the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, which rejects Israel’s existence, in late May.

This is also inaccurate. As Amnesty itself admitted, the programs that took American officers to Israel were for ‘police chiefs, assistant chiefs, and captains’. Amnesty’s report contained no evidence that American officers received any information, let alone ‘training’, from their Israeli peers on relevant matters such as the militarizing of the American police, targeting minorities for traffic stops and minor violations, or using deadly force in routine encounters.

Nor is there any evidence to suggest that American police chiefs have retrained their officers to copy any Israeli policing techniques. But why let the facts get in the way when you’ve got a big lie to push?

‘George Floyd killing highlights issue of US police training in Israel,’ says Mondoweiss, the website. Mondoweiss reheats a Morning Star article that links George Floyd’s death to a half-day counter-terrorism conference in Chicago in 2012, which was co-hosted by FBI and the Israeli consulate in Chicago and attended by ‘at least 100’ Minneapolis police officers.

Mondoweiss admits, more in anger than in sorrow, that ‘there is no evidence that the officers who killed Floyd got the training’. But what ‘training’?

There is no ‘training’. There are anti-terrorism briefings. As Shany Mor points out, one of the programs that Amnesty cites, the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange, also sends American police officers to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece. Are we to conclude that the carabinieri of Italy are training American cops to kill black people? Are the unarmed bobbies of Britain training American cops in the use of handguns?

But that’s the point of a big lie. As a frustrated Austrian painter and his chums knew, the bigger the big lie is, the more believable it becomes. So of course rioters in Los Angeles smash Jewish stores and spray ‘Free Palestine’ on a synagogue in the name of George Floyd. Of course Twitter seethes with ignorant and malicious claims that Israel trains American police in how to kill black people. The radical left and radical black identity groups have been teaching hatred of Jews and Israel for decades, and the mainstream left has pandered to those groups and their obsessions.

The current cant of ‘intersectionality’ and ‘resistance’ revives the late-Sixties’ alliance of black nationalists and the anti-American left, a radical romance conceived in embattled locations like Gaza, Beirut and the Columbia faculty lounge. Black Lives Matter, and the organizers of the Women’s March too, are the ideological descendants of the Black Panthers, by way of the Nation of Islam. The spoilt white college graduates currently screaming abuse at black and brown police officers are the grandchildren of the New Left.

The misinformation spreads like syphilis, from the rotten extremities to the softening brain. From Soviet propaganda to Palestinian terrorists, and then to the New Left and black nationalists of the late Sixties. From there to a kosher market in Jersey City in 2019: the two black nationalists who murdered a police officer and three civilians, and wounded another civilian and two police officers, believed that Jews were responsible for police discrimination. But also, once dumb thuggishness has been sanitized in the grad-school vocabulary of fellow-traveling academics and radical-chic journalists, into the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Our liberal media pride themselves on ‘calling out’ their enemies. Watch them in action as they don’t call this big lie out from the rooftops. Watch the little people below pay the price.