Stop the presses! Jenna Ellis — a legal adviser for President Trump’s reelection campaign, constitutional law attorney, and Christian — said some Christian things five years ago.Out of the clear blue sky on Friday afternoon, two CNN writers fired off a quick hit piece detailing Ellis’s ‘anti-gay positions’, which include opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas and the suggestion that legalizing gay marriage could lead to the acceptance of pedophilia and bestiality. Andrew Kaczysnki and Em Steck dove into the juicy details of an analysis by CNN KFILE, which analyzed some of Ellis’s podcast interviews and statements between 2014 and 2019.A quick scroll through the KFILE site reveals that the blog pretty much exists to look online for dated, potentially embarrassing statements and opinions from those who oppose the left. Cockburn wonders if the ‘K’ in ‘KFILE’ stands for ‘Karen’.Ellis is not alone. Recently, Karen-File released a delicious exposé about newly-appointed White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s 2015 statements against Donald Trump. Apparently, like many Republicans at the time, she didn’t support Trump when he began his campaign for the Oval Office. But as it turns out, CNN’s article may not have been so random. After a journalist got triggered at a White House coronavirus press conference on Monday, Ellis fired off a tweet: ‘This is coronavirus press conference number, what, probably somewhere in the 50s? POC liberal women have been present at every one of them and asked stupid questions. Sometimes for HOURS. This is the first time [Trump] just walked off. Finally. You know nothing. Stop gaslighting.’

After the conservative ‘thug life’ air horns finished blaring, CNN’s resident Karens started scrubbing the interwebs for any past comment from Ellis that could be interpreted as scandalous or discriminatory. Instead, they found a handful of statements that are largely in line with centuries of American evangelicalism and biblical teachings on homosexuality — statements that many conservative Christians would sympathize with today.

This is KFILE’s standard practice: wait for someone to make a statement against the left, find any whiff of their wrongdoing online, and rain down a firestorm of articles and opinion pieces.

In one particular instance, CNN hunted down the creator of a meme in which Trump tackles World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon — who had a CNN logo photoshopped in place of his head — to the ground. Karen-File then coaxed a lengthy apology out of the creator.

‘The meme was created purely as satire, it was not meant to be a call to violence against CNN or any other news affiliation,’ wrote the user. 

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There are clear double-standards at play, too. CNN seems to have forgotten the fact that Barack Obama opposed gay marriage during his 2008 presidential campaign. Nonetheless, they have an entire web page devoted to the Obama family, with article after article doting over the former President. At the same time, CNN is lightning-fast to decry Ellis for her comments.

In response to the KFILE story, Ellis tweetedBeing pro-Christian family values doesn’t mean you’re “anti” toward anyone. Being fake news does mean you condemn and attack for your political agenda. Also, this is *so* 5 months ago when other activist reporters also got it wrong. CNN “reporters” are terrible AND late. 😂’

Perhaps CNN should crack open their Bibles along with Miss Ellis. They would learn that you should remove the plank from your own eye before removing the speck of sawdust from another’s.