‘We have art,’ Nietzsche wrote, ‘lest we perish from the truth.’ But when it comes to the art of Canadian comedian Jim Carrey, perishing may be the preferred option.

The star of Showtime’s Kidding has been inflicting his paintings of current affairs on his Twitter following. His latest is a rendering of Arizona senator Jeff Flake trapped in the elevator with protesters. ‘He’s not a hero but he (briefly) played one on TV. vote.gov,’ the artist proudly captioned it — unaware, Cockburn presumes, that Flake is not standing for re-election.

The actor, known for playing Dumber in the films Dumb and Dumber and Dumb and Dumber To, has been withering in his tableaux throughout all of the Kavanaugh hearings. See below his portrait of the ‘hideous and hateful face’ of Lindsey Graham.

And it’s not entirely clear what connotation he’s going for with his depiction of ‘Injustice Kavanaugh’ from a few weeks back. Is he an Irish dissident? A bank robber? The Mask?

And then there’s his first crack at Kavanaugh, showing a sweating and shirtless adult Brett in the foreground as a beer-swilling Mark Judge stands in the doorway. Wouldn’t it light up any room?

It’s not clear how much a Carrey will set you back — but his 2017 artworks, during his pre-political phase, sold for around $10,000. Cockburn will not be reaching for the checkbook any time soon.