Despite telling a Michigan auto worker to his face that he was ‘full of shit’ about gun rights and lampooning some weapon called an AR-14 (which is an assault rifle used by fake country the Republic of Surea and not the beloved, American semi-automatic sporting rifle, the AR-15) earlier Tuesday while campaigning, Joe Biden soared ahead in the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders in states Sanders swept from under Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Michigan, and Biden’s victory there, is perhaps the only interesting primary story we’ll see this election cycle and reveals more about the 2016 election than it does 2020. Voters in exit polls, as was also the case on Super Tuesday, overwhelmingly revealed they want a candidate who can beat Trump rather than someone they actually like or agree with. Personality and policies be damned, Democrats just need some glimmer of hope. They don’t have it. But despite this obvious fact, tele-journalists insisted the Biden surge was a yearning to return to Obama-era policies, which is flagrantly not true.

Michigan could have been an exception, considering Obama’s controversial, $50 billion bailout of the auto industry. But in 2016, Hillary would have been a continuation of business as usual, and yet Bernie Sanders won Michigan. Bernie’s loss on Tuesday not only reveals what a terrible candidate Clinton was, but that the so-called Trump Democrats aren’t budging in 2020.

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With trade as a top issue in 2016, Trump and Sanders both agreed on China, NAFTA, and restoring America’s manufacturing base. That was suspected to be the reason rust belt voters were so appalled by the monstrous globalist, Hillary Clinton. Blue-collar Americans were never jumping on board with socialism, as we can now see by Bernie’s big loss on Tuesday. Trump was the first Republican to win Michigan since 1988 and the left absolutely can’t get over it. They’re all too eager to remind everyone Trump only won there by 11,000 votes, but November will tell just how important trade remains to the heartland. Voters who rejected Sanders are either still on the Trump train (likely), or were never all that concerned with trade to begin with.

But the big story of the night is African Americans. Biden clobbered Sanders among black voters despite the Sanders campaign insisting in recent weeks blacks were on his side. He must have been talking about college students at Evergreen State, because it’s a relative no-brainer that black voters, as shown in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi Tuesday night, tend to be far too pragmatic and realistic to buy into Bernie’s grand promises of a socialist revolution. Sanders himself doesn’t even seem sure he’d be able to pull it off.

Now we enter the grisly inevitability we all saw coming: candidate Biden. The Democrats seem to understand President Trump is a shoo-in for winning the general election and instead of trying to invigorate their radical base with false hopes — because they haven’t done enough of that for the last three years — they’ve pressed ahead with a zombie candidate hoping he’ll encourage down ballot votes in November. If they can’t take the White House, they’ll at least hope for gains in Congress and a socialist at the top of the ticket might keep people home on election day.

Here’s where it gets grim. In order to accomplish that, they’ve enlisted a man who has clear signs of cognitive decline, if not early-onset dementia. From the outside, it looks like elder abuse. Joe Biden’s family is complacent in the face of this. They have to be, as their entire fortune and any future job prospects depend on him either being in office or running for office. The Democratic party has essentially become a swarm of Nigerian email scammers harassing your confused grandmother, and the Biden family keeps telling him to click away.

It is not my intention to mock those with dementia, of course not, but this is beginning to look cruel. Someone needs to step in, because the debates against Trump are going to be a political bloodbath. Good, America needs to laugh again.