Cockburn doesn’t approve of this sick right-wing media habit of chuckling about US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s deteriorating health. She’s a human being, people, and you are supposed to pro-life. Cockburn was duly sad, then, to learn that RBG is back in hospital and wishes her a speedy recovery. He was so moved in fact, that he started to look back at images of the Justice in happier times, whereupon he found this gem from the summer of 1993:

What a touching moment

It is an image that harks back to happier days, long before COVID-19, when Ruth was younger and Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware could sniff a woman without fear of being called out for encroaching her personal space. The heart warms.

Biden hasn’t always been entirely consistent on Bader Ginsburg. He once said he didn’t have much to do with her appointment to the Supreme Court, before promptly changing his mind and declaring: ‘I was part of the reason why Elena Kagan got on the Supreme Court. I was part of the reason why Ruth Bader Ginsberg is on the court.’

Joe may be a surprising humble guy in person, but in public he does seem to attribute quite a lot to himself. He’s endlessly banging on about the bills he wrote and the great progressive reforms he pioneered.

Poor Joe is now stuck inside, with only his wife Jill to sniff. We all wish a speedy end to the lockdown for his benefit. And, in all sincerity, we wish the Justice well, never mind her politics.