Many of us have been waiting a very long time for ‘peak trans’ to be reached, and for liberals, faint-hearted feminists, journalists and politicians to break out of their cowardly complacency and face the reality – that extreme trans activism is misogyny. Perhaps peak trans may well have arrived, thanks to the latest valiant efforts of the trans bullies.

The latest target in the vicious and often violent war being raged by extreme trans activists is one of my all-time heroes – the world tennis champion and LGBT rights campaigner, Martina Navratilova.

Navratilova has been accused of being ‘transphobic’ as a result of a tweet responding to a question from a follower about transgender women in sport.

‘Clearly that can’t be right. You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women. There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard’, tweeted Martina.

‘For me it’s all about fairness. Which means taking every case individually… there is no cookie cutter way of doing things.’

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Except the problem is, nothing but total capitulation and self-flagellation is enough for the trans-Taliban.

Martina’s main accuser is Dr Rachel McKinnon, an academic philosopher, transgender activist and competitive cyclist who won a women’s event at the UCI Masters Track World Championship, earlier this year. McKinnon, who I will refer to as ‘he’ and ‘him’ as his behavior appears to me to be classic male machismo, demanded that Navratilova apologize and criticized the comments. Martina did apologize, and deleted the tweet, but this was not anywhere near good enough.

Not to be floored by a Twitter spat, Martina stood by her comments and said she wouldn’t be ‘bullied’ into silence. Realizing that McKinnon and his supporters were treating this hounding of her as a blood sport, Martina left the conversation, saying, ‘it seems to be my decades of speaking out against unfairness and inequality just don’t count with you at all’, with McKinnon agreeing, saying, that Martina’s record of fighting for LGBT equality, ‘doesn’t change the fact that you did something very wrong today. Past good deeds don’t give someone a pass.’

If anything gives us a clue as to the narcissistic element of the trans activist campaign it is this tweet from McKinnon:

‘You…realize I’m a world champion trans woman athlete who happens to publish and speak worldwide on trans athlete rights … right?’

That is correct, dear readers. McKinnon did the, ‘Don’t you know who I am’, to MARTINA!

At the age of 18 Martina became a refugee from the hell of Czech Communism, quickly rising to fame at the top of women’s tennis where she remained for 25 years. As soon as it became public knowledge that Martina was a lesbian, her sponsors withdrew support, much of the public, including tennis fans, turned against her, with her regularly being booed during a game. Much of the media turned on her. She was slated for having muscles, and the fact that she was strong and determined somehow became negative traits, attributed to her being ‘queer’.

For me and countless other lesbians of my generation, seeing Martina walk out onto the court at Wimbledon was the best feeling in the world. Suddenly there this woman who was immensely talented, a feminist, and even won the (grudging) respect of the men in the sport. I thought, ‘if she can do it after all she’s been through, so can I.’

But none of this impresses McKinnon, who is not known for his generous response to those who question, however sensitively, any aspect of transgender ideology and associated demands. Take this article in which McKinnon explains how even people who are trying to be trans allies are getting it all wrong for not simply agreeing with him. McKinnon even has a series of videos explaining why he is entitled to compete in women’s races, despite the clear built-in advantage this gives him.

McKinnon identifies as a lesbian, teaches his students that he is one, talks approvingly of the cotton ceiling, says lesbians can ‘get over their genital hangups’ and ‘cope just fine’, and has called critics Nazis.

Fellow philosopher Professor Kathleen Stock says: ‘The reason I know that the academic world is a sexist one is that a natal female could never behave as aggressively online, misrepresent empirical facts to suit her purposes, or make such generally terrible arguments as McKinnon does, and still be taken seriously.’

Finally, the world is waking up to the fact that the extreme transgender activists are nothing but men’s rights vigilantes, that hate women, but that unfortunately had the majority of well-meaning liberals in the palm of their hands.  Never has any so-called social justice movement in the past commanded such authority and instilled such fear. Coming after Navratilova was one bad move too many.