Bill Maher once called Milo Yiannopoulos the ‘young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens.’ Now a few years removed from his stint as a Breitbart editor and shunned by polite society for some unorthodox comments about pedophilia, the right-wing provocateur is trying to start a new life among furries — a vibrant community of individuals who are interested in anthropomorphic characters and bestial fetishism.

According to Yiannopoulos’s Telegram, he has registered for a furry convention called Midwest FurFest. The event site explains FurFest is ‘an annual convention which takes place in the west suburbs of Chicago, Ill.…to celebrate the furry fandom, which includes art, literature and performances based around anthropomorphic animals.’

Though it may seem like a bizarre fringe event, the Midwest FurFest Twitter account is followed by presidential candidate and US senator Amy Klobuchar. While Cockburn is unaware of a planned visit, a campaign stop at FurFest could raise the senator’s numbers with the furry voting bloc — something candidate Beto O’Rourke has already tapped into.


Though a Klobuchar appearance is yet to be announced, Yiannopoulos was planning on hosting his own seminar, ‘The Politics of Fur’, at FurFest. Some have accused Yiannopoulos of ‘furvently’ trying to bring attention to himself after his recent admission that he is struggling to keep himself financially afloat…but it’s important to note that he has commissioned his own ‘fursona’:

Clearly, Yiannopoulos is taking his furry fandom seriously. Other members of the furry community, though, are not happy with his arrival. Fielding requests to ban Yiannopoulos from the event, the FurFest Twitter account was forced to release this statement:

In the responding comments, a rich debate is occurring between members of the furry community.

The controversy resulted in Yiannopoulos’s barring from the convention. While he has some supporters in the fandom, Yiannopoulos has been relegated to the status of ‘fursona non grata‘. Cockburn considers this a significant fall from ‘young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens.’

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