How did the British enjoy this recent bout of nice summer weather? Many people certainly headed to a nearby beach. Some opted for a local park, National Trust site or countryside walk. And many people stayed at home in the garden on a sun lounger.

Cockburn is fairly confident though that sun-kissed Brits did not crowd into swamps this past week. Someone should probably have a word with the New York Times then, who today claimed that:

‘Britons have coped with a summer heatwave by jamming into beaches, city parks and swamps.’

According to the paper, which seems to think Brits are some sort of amphibious creatures, they ‘cavorted by the hundreds in swamps and streams’ this week. Cockburn isn’t sure exactly how the Times arrived at the conclusion that Britons love a good swamp, apart from a single incident where beachgoers crossed mudflats on the way to the beach at Weston-super-Mare.

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Perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell the Times that Shrek isn’t a documentary?

This article was originally published on The Spectator’s UK website.