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Trump says he was at his Scottish golf course the day before Brexit. But was he?

Cockburn witnessed Trump arrive by helicopter at Turnberry...on June 24.

July 13, 2018

5:14 PM

13 July 2018

5:14 PM

In Trumpland, the truth is what you say it is. Donald Trump says he was at his golf course at Turnberry, in Scotland, the day before the Brexit vote, and that he predicted then that Brexit would happen, he told the Sun newspaper yesterday.

Clearly, nobody has told him otherwise, because the President doubled down on the claim at his press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May this afternoon. He said: “I was opening Turnberry the day before Brexit and all they wanted to talk about was Brexit and I said I think Brexit would happen and it did happen.”

Never mind that Donald Trump in fact cut the ribbon at Turnberry on June 24, the day after the Brexit vote. Cockburn was there. You can watch it here. You can check it anywhere.

But Stephanie Grisham, The First Lady’s head of press, is adamant. Replying to a tweet from Jon Sopel insisting that Trump was there, she has tweeted:

She was there. See! Well, let’s ignore that June 23 was the actual day of the vote. And Cockburn witnessed Trump arrive by helicopter at Turnberry on June 24.

It is possible, in some alternate unreality, that Trump went on a stealth trip to Turnberry two days earlier, without anybody noticing. But it isn’t right, is it?

Donald Trump is going to Turnberry tomorrow – we mean, yesterday, sorry – to play golf. Will somebody there dare challenge his version of his last visit? Or will everybody just do the same as Stephanie Grisham?

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