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The Trump presidency is taking its toll…on the once fresh faces of CNN anchors

Usually it’s the president who looks worse for wear

January 29, 2019

3:57 PM

29 January 2019

3:57 PM

It’s a longstanding cliché that the presidency takes a physical toll on those who hold the office. We’ve all seen Obama’s temples turn from black to charcoal, Bill Clinton grow an extra chin through his impeachment proceedings and lines carve themselves across George W. Bush’s face as the WMD myth unraveled. HuffPost even produced this helpful interactive guide to help you spot the difference.

But, Cockburn notes, as with so many things, Donald John Trump seems to buck the trend. At the start of his presidency, the Donald was slightly overweight, with a carefully woven blonde hairstyle and a twinkle in his eye. And two years in, he’s much unchanged. Maybe taking all that ‘executive time’ watching his programs and whiling away hours on the golf course every weekend makes all the difference.

Where we can really see the Trump presidency having an impact is on the faces of the CNN broadcasters who begrudgingly document it. There must be a connection between developing crow’s feet and having your eyebrows raised incredulously for every hour on air.

Cockburn hates to be uncharitable…and goodness knows he’s started to look a little worse for wear of late himself. But see for yourself the remarkable differences between the CNN promotional shots and how their people actually look now.

We have receding hairlines, weight gain, graying hair and sagging cheeks galore. Cockburn will leave it to you to guess which of these gents are a little too dependent on the Just For Men…

Jim Acosta

Chris Cillizza

Chris Cuomo

Oliver Darcy

Manu Raju

Jim Sciutto

Brian Stelter

Jake Tapper

Jeffrey Toobin

Fareed Zakaria

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