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Watch: Donald Trump’s bid to help out Boris Johnson

October 31, 2019

1:35 PM

31 October 2019

1:35 PM

Could Donald Trump help Boris Johnson win the UK election? He certainly seems to be doing his best to assist Britain’s PM. The risk for Boris is that the Brexit party – led by Nigel Farage – could snatch votes away from the Tories, making it harder for him to win. But it seems Trump is determined to give Boris a helping hand – by urging Farage to team up with the Tory leader:

Trump said Boris is a  ‘fantastic man’ and is the ‘exact right guy for the times’. He then added:

‘I know that you and him will end up doing something that could be terrific. If you and he get together it’s an unstoppable force.’

Farage didn’t give much away but Cockburn wonders whether his smirk is a sign that the Brexit party leader is preparing to jump on the Boris bandwagon. Watch this space…

Hear the whole interview with Trump here:

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