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WATCH: Rudy Giuliani EXPLODES on Piers Morgan

It was not a very Good Morning on British television

June 4, 2020

5:28 AM

4 June 2020

5:28 AM

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy — what the hell is going on? In the early hours of this morning the former New York City mayor did an interview with the famous British journalist — and former friend of President Trump — Piers Morgan. To say it did not go smoothly is a major understatement.

After some initial back-and-forth, the conversation descended into a marvelously stupid shouting match between Morgan and Rudy about Trump, violence, guns and policing in America.

‘You sound completely barking mad, do you know that?’ said Morgan, obnoxiously. At which point Rudy went bananas, and attacked Morgan for having failed as a journalist in America — a reference to Morgan’s unsuccessful stint as a CNN anchor, when he took over from the legendary Larry King.

Things went from bad to worse as Rudy berated Piers Morgan for ‘helping to create violence in this country’. He said that Piers had ‘sucked up’ — meaning he had sought to ingratiate himself with the liberal establishment at the expense of appealing to viewers — whereupon Morgan and his co-host Susanna Reid started accusing him of using profanities. Rudy clearly said sucked, but never mind.

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It was funny; it was sad. It didn’t help that Rudy was wearing peculiar spectacles. There are all sort of rumors in Washington about Giuliani’s mental health. His erratic behavior and often wild public performances have led to whispers that he has, as Piers rudely suggested, ‘lost the plot.’ Unkind Washingtonians say Giuliani drinks too much — it was very early morning in America when the interview aired, so perhaps he was tired and emotional, as the Fleet Street hacks like to say.

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