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Watch: Sam Nunberg’s day of disaster

March 6, 2018

6:52 AM

6 March 2018

6:52 AM

Working for Donald Trump, or having worked for him, takes its toll. Sam Nunberg, the former aide who President Trump once left at McDonalds because his burger was taking too long, has now embarked on a disastrous media tour.

In a pair of rambling, bizarre interviews this afternoon, first with MSNBC’s Katy Tur and then CNN’s Jake Tapper, Nunberg refused to comply with a subpoena from Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller for him to appear before a grand jury Friday. Oh and in a later interview, he called White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders ‘a fat slob’.

Nunberg expressed outrage at the request to turn over several years’ worth of correspondence with Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. “I’m not cooperating. If you’re going to arrest me, arrest me,” Nunberg said to Tapper at one point.

Nunberg described Stone as “my mentor,” and said that while he was no longer a supporter of President Trump, the Mueller investigation amounted to a “witch hunt.” The refusal to cooperate seems to be against the advice of Nunberg’s own lawyer.

Among other assertions, Nunberg added to Tapper that he believed Carter Page, the Russian-speaking former foreign-policy adviser to the Trump campaign, ‘was colluding with the Russians,” but also told Tur that he and Page had no contact.

Nunberg has further been giving interviews recently that seem to sandbag his former boss. Last week he implied that the President was guilty of Trump-Russia collusion. He told MSNBC’s Ari Melber, “I think it’s probable that that meeting with Don Jr. … I am sure Don Jr. reported to his father what they had heard. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, by the way.”

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