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WATCH: could this song save Roger Stone from prison?

‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong / Leave Roger Stone alone’

November 18, 2019

5:40 PM

18 November 2019

5:40 PM

Deplorable Choir, the Trump-loving musical trio, has released a new hit to show support for former Trump political operative, Roger Stone:


Last week, Stone was convicted by a federal court for obstructing a congressional hearing, lying to Congress while under oath, and intimidating a witness. The day of his conviction, the Deplorable Choir launched a full-fledged defense of the stylish felon.

‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong,’ the trio sings, ‘leave Roger Stone alone.’

‘When you mess with the Clintons, there’s a target on your back,’ they note. ‘Catch your suicide or jail for life or a sudden heart attack.’


Flashing images of Monica Lewinsky, Jeffrey Epstein, and Seth Rich, the Deplorable Choir draws a careful observer to an inevitable conclusion: the Clintons got to Roger Stone.

Later in the song, pro-Trump rapper Bryson Gray bolsters this theme: ‘He exposed the truth and they don’t like that / But we can’t fold…so we fight back’

Cockburn, who attended the opening and closing statements of the trial, thinks Mr Stone would be a free man if the jury heard this impassioned defense during the trial.

Luckily for Stone, he has many supporters who believe he should be pardoned by President Trump:

In conjunction with Infowars host Alex Jones’s appeals to the president, Mr. Stone should pardoned in no time.

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