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WATCH: Trump spokesman grilled over impeachment

Marc Lotter from the Trump 2020 campaign had a lively exchange with the BBC’s Andrew Neil

January 23, 2020

9:34 AM

23 January 2020

9:34 AM

Cockburn may have British blood, but he is no slimy Anglophile. However there is one area, he will concede, in which the Brits trounce Americans: political interviewing.

American television is so riven with partisanship that subjects are rarely properly interrogated by a fierce but neutral anchor — as is the tradition on British networks.

Today Marc Lotter, the director of strategic communications for the Trump 2020 campaign, faced a forensic examination by the BBC’s Andrew Neil. Under considerable scrutiny, Lotter held up quite well. But it made for a lively exchange. Watch here:

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