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What are the odds of Trump going to jail?

Runners and riders for Mueller’s next arrest.

June 25, 2018

6:07 PM

25 June 2018

6:07 PM

The Donald Trump phenomenon has coincided with a far more odious trend: the criminalisation of American politics. Whether it’s Hillary’s emails, Watergate, Whitewater or Iran-Contra, politics’ losers have increasingly turned to the courts as recourse for their electoral woes.

If you can’t beat ‘em, jail ‘em.

If Robert Mueller wishes to threaten the republic itself to sate the secular pieties of America’s legal class (and get a nice cocktail reception in his honor at Bill Kristol’s McLean mcmansion), and if Donald Trump doesn’t fight the inquisition with fire and fury, members of the president’s inner circle may well go to prison.

So, who, then? Paul Manafort is already there. Anyone joining him? Cockburn investigates.

3000-1: George Nader

The more sinister, less-covered George of Trump World. He’s been to jail once, and would probably contribute to the planet’s recidivism rate if he hadn’t cut a deal with Mueller.

3000-1: Felix Sater

Another ex-felon with an immunity deal.

3000-1: Rick Gates

Paul Manafort’s deputy from Ukraine. Another refugee from Trump world who has made a deal with Robert Mueller.

99-1: President Donald J. Trump

Cockburn doesn’t mean to encourage the ritual suicide of Louise Mensch, but this is just not happening. It’s not. Nixon was pardoned by Ford, and the Donald, never short on bravado, worse comes to worst, will just do it himself. He’s said as much!

85-1: Stephen K. Bannon

Worst case he’ll officially defect to Italy.

50-1: Keith Schiller

Trump’s bodyguard – who said he guarded Trump’s Moscow hotel room to make sure any prostitutes couldn’t get in. Yes.

30-1: Donald Trump Jr

They say people never learn, but if they can, they might learn that if a foreign, adversarial power emails you at the height of presidential campaign with dirt on your political opponents, probably best not to openly respond “love it.”

29-1: Ivanka Trump

The apple didn’t fall far from the other apple.

18-1: Carter Page

So problematic even the Russians likely passed on recruiting him.

14-1: Hope Hicks

The Hopester, as Trump calls her, put out the statement that Don Jr’s meeting with the Russians was about orphans.

9-1: Erik Prince

Getting Blackwater founder Erik Prince for setting up a back channel in the Seychelles feels a little like getting Al Capone for tax evasion. And yet.

6-1: Michael Flynn

The purpose of a witch hunt is to find a witch. And, of course, to not hold them account for anything they actually did.

5-1: Roger Stone

“You better be a Russian agent,” Tucker Carlson told the master of the dark arts last month. “I mean it. I hope you’re a Russian agent. Otherwise, this really is a miscarriage.”

4-1: George Papadopoulos

2-1: Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer and would-be fall guy.

2-3: Jared Kushner

Prince Jared told a call of reporters in 2017 that the president would be making his first trip abroad to Saudi Arabia, as well as Israel, because “they approached us first.” Uh huh. Senior members of many of Washington’s more Trump-friendly publications, including Breitbart, whisper that Kushner is quietly the most likely member of Trump world, by a country mile, to go to prison. It would be of supreme irony that the ultimate outcome of the legal typhoon that has so far subsumed Trump’s presidency would be the purging of the “globalists” like Kushner and Bush-era retreads like Prince and Nader, and the subsequent empowering of the still-standing nationalists. The only real question with Senior Counselor Kushner is whether Mueller and the American establishment has the nerve to go after him for the real collusion scandal of the Trump epoch. As a prominent media personality friendly with Trump world related to Cockburn most recently, “Do you remember the book of Genesis?” What was the tree that God told Adam never to eat from?

“The tree of knowledge.”.

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