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Front row seats to the Wohl and Burkman show

The pair of conspiracy theorists produced a man claiming to have engaged in BDSM sessions with Elizabeth Warren

October 4, 2019

5:58 PM

4 October 2019

5:58 PM

Newfound success can always garner negative publicity. This, at least, is the case for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has been accused of engaging in a BDSM relationship with a male escort. Although the mastermind of the accusation is aspiring felon Jacob Wohl, who has a history of lodging suspect accusations of sexual misconduct, Cockburn believes every case should be heard on its merits.

On Thursday, Cockburn returned to the Arlington residence of Wohl co-conspirator Jack Burkman to learn more at a driveway press conference.

With a sizable crowd gathered outside the house, the accuser, Kevin Whelly, joined Burkman, Wohl, and a bodyguard at the front entrance. After a quick introduction by Burkman, Wohl cut to the chase: ‘Today we’re presenting some very serious allegation against Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She was involved in a very explicit relationship with a male escort,’ describing the accuser as ‘a decorated US combat veteran’, and ‘war hero’.

The attending press, amused by the exaggerated praise, broke out in laughter.

Burkman, a man of deep moral conviction, castigated the crowd: ‘Are you laughing at our troops?’

Soon after, Whelly stepped up to the podium and alleged he met Sen. Warren in August 2018 through the escort website COWBOYS4ANGELS. After describing several ‘BDSM sessions’ with the 70-year-old senator from Massachusetts, Whelly noted that he was ‘shocked by the intensity, duration, and just sheer violence of what Sen. Warren wanted.’

As Whelly described his X-rated encounters with Sen. Warren, Cockburn noticed Wohl — at his most humanizing and least psychotic moment — struggling to conceal a smile during the speech.

Whelly also alleged that Sen. Warren has an illegitimate child who is concealed from the public. Wohl, with an impressive knowledge of political history, noted that the situation ‘sounds a lot like John Edwards’.

Throughout the press conference, Wohl and Whelly were interrupted by laughter, heckling, and music playing over a sound system. At several points, Wohl would instruct the bodyguard to remove an identified heckler from the public sidewalk, and the bodyguard would ignore Wohl’s requests. Cockburn, sympathizing with the bodyguard, wondered how he could remove anyone from a public space.

While Wohl’s case against Warren has been picked apart by the diligent press, Warren took the time to joke about the accusation on Thursday:

For now, it seems the Wohl has been out-trolled.

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