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If Zina Bash’s ‘white power’ gesture shocked you, don’t read this

Who knew how you rest your arms could make people so mad?

September 5, 2018

10:00 AM

5 September 2018

10:00 AM

The Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh were always going to be a feisty affair. When you kick off proceedings with the arrest of 20 female protesters, led by Linda Sarsour, for shrieking incomprehensible things at the back of the room, you’re setting a high bar.

But Tuesday’s ultimate liberal outrage moment came on Twitter, where various members of the Hashtag Resistance accused Kavanaugh’s former law clerk Zina Bash of ‘flashing a white power sign’ with her hand behind him.

The above video could inspire any number of reactions, from ‘is that really a white power sign?’, to ‘are these people for real?’ or even ‘wait, wasn’t the guy who tweeted that accused of making a fake Facebook to torment his ex-girlfriend? Doesn’t he have bigger things to worry about?’

But if, dear reader, you found Ms Bash’s gesture deeply upsetting, Cockburn suggests you look away now, as we have unearthed other images which show avowed declarations of support for white nationalism:

hillary clinton white power zina bash

Bad news folks. It’s a bit like the Russia scandal: Hillary is as guilty of white supremacist collusion as Trump is.

barack obama white power zina bash

Obama, perversely, was a white supremacist…

ronald mcdonald white power zina bash

Ronald McDonald is obviously racist. Everyone knows that. But he’s never been caught red handed — until now, notice how his hand is forming a White Power symbol. Don’t let the smile distract you.

Was the Great Depression racist? Why is this woman white?

Lee Harvey Oswald was about to blow the lid of KKK cabal that runs America. He had to die. Look at that hand itching to form a white power sign moments before he was shot. What did he know?

moon landing buzz aldrin white power zina bash

So distracted were conspiracy theorists trying to prove that the Moon landing was faked, they overlooked a glaring double white power from Buzz Aldrin. One small step for man, one giant leap for the white ethnostate.

dele alli sign white power zina bash

Finally, soccer star Deli Alli managed to send his white nationalist gesture viral by brazenly flashing it in front of the TV cameras at a Spurs game. People worldwide have been mimicking it, each one an inadvertent agent for the white nationalist movement. He might as well change his squad number to ‘14’ now.

Update 9/7: I mean, come on…

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