No to policing the world

Biden’s foreign policy is rooted in the mythology of the Cold War

What will a Joe Biden foreign policy look like? It’s difficult to say. There is, after all, no Biden Doctrine, no voluminous body of work hashing out the Biden sensibility. Biden might have served as vice president, but he never seemed anywhere near the center of the policymaking apparatus. He was a fixture on the Foreign Relations Committee, but he was never…


Television isn’t gay enough, says New York Times

Let’s hope it’s a blip not a trend! 

The New Yorker vs ice cream

Helen Rosner searches for a scoop

Trump’s Twitter suspension is a crime against literature

He is, without much effort, the greatest novelist of the century so far

Bannon and Viganò: a match made in Heaven

Deep State, meet Deep Church

Can I get an amen?

Why not ‘awomyn’ or ‘awomxn’?

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A novel ending

A great, even a good, novel has somehow the whole world in it, or even worlds

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The family gap

Beneath the mask of American discontent

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Divine right

Trump may have lost the election but is he the new Messiah?

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Meal kits are a recipe for mayhem

The instructions are supposed to be idiot-proof, but the company didn’t envisage anyone as incompetent as me

Caroline was pretty heroic during the first lockdown. She’s used to having no children to deal with between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., into which she crams her part-time job, food shopping, exercise classes, tennis lessons, dog walks and a hundred other things. But during our children’s three-month break from school they…

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