The Vice President and the politics of solipsism

We keep hearing about the end of California. The cost of living, the homelessness, the public schools, the shoddy roads and bridges have prompted a decades-long exodus that has accelerated dramatically in the Age of the Pandemic. The progressive canard — but everyone wants to be here! — is a canard, and it’s being used to…


Pints and proposals at CPAC in Orlando

All conventions should have a pool with WiFi

America is back — and still bombing Syria

Last night Joe Biden ordered his first big missile sally

Inside the American Moment launch party

A new post-Trump populist organization

Who is really pushing misinformation?

Two House Representatives want channels they don’t like taken off air

Neera Tanden is being treated differently because she’s a woman

There’s no way a man with her track record would ever be nominated for the Biden cabinet

Biden goes back to school with Dr Fauci

You have to listen to the science even when the science is telling you stuff you already know

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The rise and fall of mink

Farmed minks live in battery cages, tightly confined

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Fresh food, fresher air

Dining out in a Chicago winter

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Lake life

The best way to see Lake Geneva is from the water

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No drink till Easter

I discovered a new game to pass the time I spend not-drinking the closet wine, called ‘Is it COVID or is it mild alcohol withdrawal?’

It’s Lent again, and you know what that means: time for Christians to give up their favorite indulgences for 40 days in the spirit of penance and/or the hope of weight loss. I confess that in pandemic times, bagels and brownies have taken a backseat to booze as my preferred guilty pleasure. So I’m doing…

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