Is the Pope a Chinese asset?

The Pontiff has kowtowed to Beijing

Twenty years ago, the Catholics of a city in Alaska gathered enough money to build a church dedicated to the Sacred Heart. They presented the architectural drawings to the city council, whose non-Catholic members winced a bit. Were Gothic arches really meant to be painted the color of pale strawberries? Why were the bell towers capped with…


Ursula von der Leyen’s sexist sofa shenanigans

Losing your seat may be an unfamiliar experience to the unelected von der Leyen

YouTube pulls Spectator editor interview with Trump lawyer John Eastman

Big Tech threatens to ban nonprofit for discussing alleged election fraud

The New York Times gives Harper’s its best subscriptions week ever

President John R. MacArthur delighted by 1,500 new readers after newspaper mocked him

Stacey Abrams tells London: yes we Khan

Sadiq Khan earns an endorsement from the ‘Georgia governor’

The curious case of Matt Gaetz

What on earth is happening with the Florida congressman?

Is Macron the new Trump?

Monsieur Le President appears to be taking tips from his one-time counterpart on pandemic leadership

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Comfortably numb: Sam Harris on meditation

Harris ignores the prerequisites for meditation that nearly all religions consider essential

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The Great Acceleration: why I’m looking forward to the post-COVID age

What is starting today is a new age of technological wonder

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Fear thy neighbor

The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock: An Anatomy of the Master of Suspense by Edward White reviewed

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The need to knead

Loafing, the Swedish way

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Books you shouldn’t read in public

To read is to invite derision, especially if you grew up in a working-class town

Headed to the hospital recently for a rather unpleasant surgical procedure, I figured I’d bring a book to pass the down time. I was about to grab Ron Hansen’s Mariette in Ecstasy, the novel I’d been reading about a nearly 20th-century Catholic postulant who may or may not have seen a vision of Christ and…

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