Liz Cheney must go

The sooner the GOP cuts ties with her, the better

Liz Cheney is bad for the Republican party, which is why the pro-Democratic media is so obsessed with her. What the pundits won’t openly admit is that the Wyoming representative is their last hope at distracting Americans from the Biden administration’s mushrooming disasters. Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi is heaping praise on ‘Lynne’ Cheney — a pretty…

Don’t worry, the Central Intersectional Agency is watching you

Soon even the Illuminati will be an equal opportunities employer with an intersectional Latinx woman as CEO

Donald Trump: businessman, politician…blogger?

We all know Donald Trump’s new ‘desk’ website is a blog. The question is, does he?

Is this a new dawn for the Spanish right?

Politics in Spain is now likely to become even more polarized, bad-tempered and aggressive

A letter from Canada: we’re handling COVID worse than you

The situation feels worse now than it did at the outset of the pandemic

The new campus harassment

It’s considered reasonable to publicly hound a female academic — if she’s branded a ‘TERF’

Joe Biden, master of puppets?

The left are pulling Biden’s strings


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Berlin has always been a Faustian metropolis

A new history of east and west, best and worst

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How China is stoking America’s racial tensions

A government that would never dream of allowing free elections in its own country mocks America’s democratic process

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Thomas Hennell should be more widely known

Thomas Hennell: The Land and the Mind by Jessica Kilburn reviewed

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Did I catch COVID from a naked-rumped tomb bat?

I live outdoors and rarely encounter another human, so perhaps my infection was the result of zoonosis

Laikipia, Kenya Until I promised to slaughter a fat-tailed sheep with a goat thrown in for a feast, the farm cowhands looked doubtful about going for their vaccinations. ‘Come on, it won’t hurt you,’ I cajoled. A panther-like man I’ve seen pursuing bandits with a rifle and reckless courage announced that he was frightened. The…

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