James Innes-Smith


The House of Windsor must fall

We are witnessing a clash of worldviews on primetime

By James Innes-Smith

The truth about the Gen Z abstinence fad

The goal needs to be a better quality relationship

By James Innes-Smith


A double-standard in colorblind casting

Why can black actors play white roles but not the other way around?

By James Innes-Smith


Where do you fit on the whiteness graph?

You don’t have to be white to suffer from the affliction of ‘whiteness’

By James Innes-Smith


The hounding of Jordan Peterson

He encourages people to think for themselves, so he must be punched when down

By James Innes-Smith


The death of an ax man

Eddie Van Halen was a master at his craft

By James Innes-Smith


Is this the sanest debate on race yet?

Bret Weinstein assembled a smorgasbord of mostly young African American academics in a fascinating two-hour round table discussion

By James Innes-Smith

‘Trump hasn’t turned out to be the disaster his enemies predicted’: Jordan Peterson at Cambridge

Backstage at the Union the individualist’s individualist is readying himself for a possible avalanche of groupthink snowflakery

By James Innes-Smith

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