Katrina Gulliver


Heroine problem

Female antiheroines — at last

By Katrina Gulliver


Globalization is scarcely new: it dates back to the year 1000

The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World — And Globalization Began by Valerie Hansen reviewed

By Katrina Gulliver


Veep’s jokes are the truth about women in politics

When a man throws things at his staff, it’s assault. When a woman does it, it’s a punchline

By Katrina Gulliver

Sears and the changing habits of American shoppers

How the now-bankrupt department store paved the way for Amazon

By Katrina Gulliver

A brief history of American drug panics

A Florida man murdered his parents with an axe 85 years ago today. The newspapers claimed he was crazed on marijuana

By Katrina Gulliver


Why is it always white women calling the cops on non-criminals?

Reinforcing victimhood has lead us to the culture of appealing to authorities.

By Katrina Gulliver


Are the French right to be obsessed with their Gaulish ancestry?

This book reminded me of Kurt Andersen’s Fantasyland — but where Andersen thinks only Americans have lost their minds, David Andress thinks everyone has. I can’t say I disagree, being a subscriber to the Hourly Outrage, also known as Twitter. Andress refers to Brexit, Donald Trump’s election and Marine Le Pen’s rise in French politics […]

By Katrina Gulliver

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