Peter Hitchens


Why should I have to wear a face mask to give blood?

Over in Wales, they’d make me remove it

By Peter Hitchens


What would Orwell have made of Trump?

More attention should be paid to his collected essays, letters and journalism

By Peter Hitchens

Middle East

In defense of journalism

‘Citizen journalists’ are no such thing

By Peter Hitchens

Middle East

Trump’s Syria missile strike was a scandal

But almost nobody dares say so

By Peter Hitchens

Big dope: how marijuana benefited from one of the slickest PR campaigns in history

The effects on many of its users are permanent. They may give it up, but the damage has been done

By Peter Hitchens

Is Jordan Peterson a cult?

Now that I seem to have become a prophet of doom, I wonder whether I should have been a guru instead. Doom doesn’t sell. Bookshops hide my books in back rooms. My recorded harangues and TV appearances reach a few thousand dedicated YouTube enthusiasts. But Dr Jordan B. Peterson, supposedly as reactionary as I am, […]

By Peter Hitchens

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