Peter Jones


How a Roman emperor would handle Navalny

The emperor took a largely eirenic view of angry mobs

By Peter Jones

What Pliny the Elder and David Attenborough have in common

Pliny looked for a civilizing and harmonious co-operation between the arts of man and the arts of nature

By Peter Jones

How to be ‘liberal’, according to the ancients

The more intelligent student might find Cicero’s ideals rather attractive

By Peter Jones

What would BLM make of Cicero’s views on mutuality?

As Cicero saw, all citizens, of whatever color, have obligations to other citizens, of whatever color

By Peter Jones

The ancient belief in the power of words to protect us

Pliny devoted a lot of time to denigrating all forms of superstition and magic

By Peter Jones

Racism and the destructive power of language

There is a case for saying that racism is the antisocial construct

By Peter Jones

Why stop at destroying statues?

The ancient world was one in which there were laws, but no concept of human rights, or of the sanctity of life

By Peter Jones

How to be self-sufficient

For Aristotle, and eventually Plato too, while personal autarkeia was an ideal, only a city-state could deliver it

By Peter Jones


Ancient Athens would have been horrified by Trump’s impeachment

What is democratic about the way we do impeachment?

By Peter Jones

Roman funerals had real ‘emotional intelligence’

There was a tradition of preserving death masks of the departed, complete with lists of achievements

By Peter Jones

Tacitus, master of ‘government sources’

For the modern journalist, rumor and inside sources, however attractive, often generate only fake news

By Peter Jones

What could be more repellent than a bald man covered in hair?

Julius Caesar was very sensitive about his baldness, combing his thinning hair upwards over his crown

By Peter Jones


Pericles for PM: Boris should forget Augustus and stay focused on his hero

Pericles’s vision was that of a highly civilized man who loved his people

By Peter Jones

If Trump seems bad, remember Caligula

Whatever one makes of the accuracy of the journalist Michael Wolff’s depiction of President Trump, it cannot all be the product of an overheated imagination. What makes it so interesting is that his picture of total dysfunctionality is typical of Roman historians’ accounts of many emperors. Suetonius (d. c. ad 125), for example, was a […]

By Peter Jones

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