Pro-Trump commentators Diamond & Silk are launching their first ever podcast on Thursday with special guest Donald Trump Jr, the duo confirmed to The Spectator in an interview Wednesday.

The duo dropped a teaser for Diamond & Silk: The Podcast on Spotify and Apple Music on Monday, promising that it would deliver ‘the real news, none of the fake media spin’. They told The Spectator that they hope sharing their story of leaving the Democratic party and supporting President Trump can inspire other voters to get off the fence.

‘This is an opportunity,’ Diamond said, ‘to reach minds, to grab those people that’s on the fence that don’t know which way and even the ones that say, “you know what, I’m Democrat, but just because I’m black or just because I’m a Democrat, it don’t mean I have to vote that way.”‘ 

The first guest on the podcast will be Don Jr, who Diamond & Silk said they would love to see run for president in 2024. They demurred when asked if they would ever run for office, joking that they would need Trump to drain the swamp more ‘before Diamond & Silk go walking up in there.’

Diamond & Silk said they have always wanted to start a podcast and felt the timing was right because of the upcoming presidential election and the censorship of conservatives on social media platforms. The pair were also reportedly booted from Fox News’s streaming service after they questioned if the coronavirus pandemic was actually a ‘plandemic’ and if some states were inflating their death tolls. Silk seemed to reference the split when she told me, ‘it’s really funny how you have a lot of liberals, whenever they give their opinions, is considered free speech. But when conservatives state their opinions, they’re called conspiracy theories. So we needed a place in the space so that we can elaborate on what’s going on out here in the free world.’

When asked how they would pitch the podcast to hardcore leftists, they encouraged people to listen with an ‘open heart.’

‘You may not like what we have to say all the time, but it’s like a buffet. Take what you can eat and leave the rest on the buffet,’ Diamond explained. ‘Everybody can’t eat a whole pig. Maybe they don’t do pork, but they do a little steak.’

Silk added, ‘Just pay attention and listen and see if we can say something that may resonate with you…because if you continue to do the same thing you’ll continue to get the same old results.’

The duo used their own relationship as an example of how to disagree with one another in a way that is respectful and open-minded: ‘We learn how to agree to disagree about any disagreement. And that’s something that’s been lost in this country. A lot of people feel like, “OK, it’s my way or no way”, but it’s about coming to the table and being able to reason together,’ Diamond said.