So here I am again. Pondering the hideous toxicity which exudes from Gina Carano. Only this time at least, it is to report to you that justice has been served. This wantonly wayward wrongthinker has thankfully been dropped by Disney for her scandalous opinions on social media.

Apparently she posted on Instagram, or shared a post, or read a post, (I don’t know which, but I don’t think the actual details or her intent or the context matters one jot) which claimed that conservatives were being persecuted by the media, along with comparisons to the Holocaust (or something along those lines, as I say, I couldn’t be bothered to find the post in question). Imagine thinking that though (whatever it was she thought)?! The flights of fancy and mental gymnastics a brain would have to go through in order to believe that people who hold views like Gina’s are in some way ‘persecuted’. I am glad she’s been sacked and hopefully she will never work again. In fact I would go as far as to say a public flogging would not be out of place in this current climate just to send out a strong message to anyone else working for a tolerant and progressive company like Disney who might be thinking about forming their own unsanctioned opinions.

Now that Trump is gone, along with the fascist authoritarianism his dictatorship brought with it, to have an influential figure publicly endorsing claims of fascistic authoritarianism is both dangerous and quite frankly, vile. Yes, this vile, unclean R*publican needs to be punished. You see, freedom of speech does not guarantee a person freedom from the consequences of that speech. Today, people are sacked from their jobs for voicing inappropriate opinions. But is that really enough? I mean, how DARE Gina Carano point the finger of accusation towards those of us who simply want a better world! A world in which everyone shares progressive views and purity of thought. A world where evil wrongthink such as refusing to include pronouns in your bio is punished by an appropriately long period of solitary isolation. An unproblematic utopia in which sharing memes about Jeffrey Epstein or not tweeting your support for Black Lives Matter might result in a person’s water supply being turned off for a minimum of two weeks. In this way, society will gradually become less toxic as people’s tolerance levels are forcefully raised to an acceptable level. Very much like the Pavlovian method of conditioning, wrongthink will become associated with misery and suffering. The very idea of questioning antifa’s agenda, or empathizing with a Republican voter will induce intense levels of anxiety, triggering a survival of the wokest response. Progressive evolution in practice. 

Eventually as technology progresses, these primitive methods of punishment will be replaced with a sophisticated microchip implanted in the brain containing software which will quarantine and erase unwarranted opinions, very much like anti-virus apps operate on our devices. This software can be regularly updated to reflect current trends in gender acceptance and Caucasian guilt levels. 

By the way, if you think all of this sounds a little too ‘harsh’ or ‘barbaric’, I have some rather uncomfortable news for you: it’s most likely YOU who has the problem. Yes, think about it. If the idea of losing your job or access to basic human necessities due to vocalizing problematic views concerns you, well that’s because your views *are* problematic. A person who harbors only kind, tolerant, and progressive opinions has nothing to fear. The system works beautifully.

Until all of that is made possible, Gina Carano has been at least somewhat reprimanded for daring to suggest that she has in any way been persecuted. Hopefully she can now reprogram herself to think only correct thoughts and not speak out of turn in public ever again. Thank you, Disney. The Good People have triumphed once more!