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Where to start with the music of Ethel Smyth

The eccentric Edwardian was the only English composer of her generation to achieve real international status in opera

I’m reminded of an old Irish joke. A tourist approaches a local for directions to Dublin. The local, after much teeth-sucking and head-scratching, eventually replies: ‘Well, I wouldn’t start from here…’. The news that, 75 years after her death, English composer Ethel Smyth has won a Grammy Award for her last large-scale work The Prison is…


Demi Lovato makes Taylor Swift resemble Dostoevsky

The tunes on her latest album recall kindergarten, the lyrics a counseling session convened by an imbecile

What’s the problem with Apu?

Controversy at the Kwik-E-Mart

The decadence of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded record

Shouldn’t my tastes have evolved in the past 13 years?

Dark knight of cool

Poor Chet Baker. He really was born to be blue

What did Steve get?

The Buzzcocks guitarist on a weird 2020

Pictures at an exhibition

As he collects nearly two decades of essays and criticism, Marco Grassi recalls a life in the art world

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