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Mon dieu! Our French residency permits have arrived

Between Christmas and New Year I spent five minutes on the form and sent the email

For EU nationals living in Britain and wanting to legally remain after Brexit, a letter or an email was enough to clinch it. It would have been churlish then for France not to reciprocate by relaxing its almost hallucinatory bureaucratic requirements for the British in France, allowing them to do the same. And to the…


Spaghetti puttanesca: turn your leftovers into something special

The word ‘puttanesca’ is indeed derived from the Italian for ‘prostitute’

My French lessons with Lord Nelson

Wearing two masks struck me as being as absurd as wearing two hats and I laughed

Whatever happened to the heroes?

Politicians as a class are almost without exception second- or third-rate people

Under the skin of Seville

Four hundred years have passed since Seville was the greatest and most glamorous city on earth

An elegy on the end of elegance

People ached to have a good time — to splurge, to let go

Books you shouldn’t read in public

To read is to invite derision, especially if you grew up in a working-class town

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