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Dutch treat

The pride of Pennsylvania

Moving back from New York City to Central Pennsylvania has been like the Five Stages of Grief, if only the last stage were eating hot soup with a hard-boiled egg in it on a 90 ̊F day in August, which is what I’ve been doing. In other words, I’m becoming a native again. Moving back to a…


Ask Jeeves: who first came out with ‘What ho’?

In 1899, the music-hall song ‘What ho! She bumps!’, with words by Harry Castling, was a hit

A novel ending

A great, even a good, novel has somehow the whole world in it, or even worlds

Hors sense

On the beauty of bite-sized

The perks of a long life

There are children alive today whose offspring might possibly see the 23rd century

Witnessing the fitness

I’m on the hook for getting fit this year, no excuses

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