Right-wing possible Nazi collaborator (I have no real evidence of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was) Andy Ngo was ‘attacked’ at the Portland rally on Saturday. For those unaware, Andy Ngo is a so-called ‘journalist’ who is apparently well-known for aggravating situations by attending political events armed with his fascist GoPro camera and ‘reporting’ what happens. Now, if this isn’t an act of right-wing terrorism, I do not know what is.

Mr Ngo supposedly sustained ‘injuries’ after a small group of around 25 or so noble Antifa comrades bravely surrounded him and peacefully protested by throwing objects at his head. The subsequent outcry from the alt-right has been depressingly predictable. Ironically, their cries of ‘Free speech!’ appear to melt away like snowflakes on a George Foreman Grill the moment a few dozen freedom-fighting activists decide to exercise their free speech by spraying someone with silly string (and possibly punching them and throwing cement-laced milkshakes at him) for publicly expressing violently toxic opinions. It seems they believe it perfectly acceptable for them to cause irreparable damage to vulnerable people by disagreeing with them or saying mean things, but when Antifa retaliate with a tiny bit of physical assault (I’ve read reports that Andy Ngo has suffered a brain bleed, but it’s most likely an exaggeration), they get all upset. Such hypocrisy. The double-standards of these precious little fascists would have me chuckling all day long if it wasn’t for the fact I have PTSD from them calling me a ‘fragile millennial’ almost every day on Twitter.

I’ve not investigated Andy Ngo’s background because he’s on the Steve Shives Twitter blocklist I subscribe to, so thankfully I am spared the nastiness of his social media echo chamber. However, from reading the tweets of my fellow woke-minded comrades I understand that he is one vile individual. Most probably a racist and a homophobe. I also have little doubt he is a misogynist and a rape apologist, and so by walking down that street during a protest while holding his camera aloft, he thoroughly deserved what happened to him. He was asking for it. In fact, I would go as far as to suggest his very presence there caused it. The far-right are notoriously violent, and the protesters were likely defending themselves before he had a chance to inflict severe injuries on all the masked Antifa vigilantes who thankfully managed to take him out first. What if he had been armed with an automatic rifle? He could have been wearing a grenade belt for all we know. Attacking him was the only reasonable response in my opinion. Oh, and before a torrent of right-wing Nazi-apologists say: ‘But if Antifa are so good, why do so many of them wear masks?’ well, ask yourselves this; who else fights injustice while wearing a mask? Can’t think of anyone? Hmmmm? [note to editor: is it possible to add a ‘knowing smile’ gif to the text here in order to illustrate that I know the readers really *can* think of someone and the readers know that I know that? If not, an image of Bruce Wayne or the Bat-Signal may suffice]

andy ngo

It’s clear to me that anyone accusing Antifa of being entitled and narcissistic violent thugs with no clear political goals is on the wrong side of history here. I mean, do these apologists not even understand how Hitler came to power? Look, I cannot believe I am having to spell it out so blatantly here, but if fascists don’t want to be intimidated into silence and physically assaulted in the streets, they shouldn’t do and say stuff members of Antifa deem to be problematic. This premise is so simple, I could honestly weep!