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January 2021

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I’ve been cambridged

I was not ready for lockdown. We are slowly going mad

By Dominic Green

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No to policing the world

Biden’s foreign policy is rooted in the mythology of the Cold War

By Matt Purple

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America’s Yeltsin moment

Trump was the mildest of corrections to the failures of post-Cold War liberalism

By Daniel McCarthy

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The thrill of fear

Human beings love being scared witless

By Mark Mason

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A honeymoon in Berlin

Younger Berliners seem to want their lives to look as austere as possible

By Lara Prendergast

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EDITORIAL: Buckle up for Biden and the Blob

Under Biden, expect intoxicated self-righteousness to make a comeback

By Spectator Editorial

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Are we back in the Obama White House?

Biden, on or past the threshold of senility, is the embodiment of that pajama-boy spirit of fragile futility

By Roger Kimball

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The family gap

Beneath the mask of American discontent

By Mary Eberstadt

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Books + Arts


Peake practice

An artist with the soul of a pirate

By Daisy Dunn

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Heroine problem

Female antiheroines — at last

By Katrina Gulliver

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Wish you were there

On the joys of armchair travel

By Hugh Thomson

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The man who hunted himself

Graham Greene needed peace of mind and escapist thrills

By Nicholas Shakespeare

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A novel ending

A great, even a good, novel has somehow the whole world in it, or even worlds

By Chilton Williamson, Jr.

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The perks of a long life

There are children alive today whose offspring might possibly see the 23rd century

By Robert Gray

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Vote with your feet

The warped politics of asking your guests to remove their shoes

By Chadwick Moore

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Food + Drink


Dutch treat

The pride of Pennsylvania

By Mary Kate Skehan

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