Journalists can guffaw at the silliness of President Donald’s Trump’s Fake News Awards as much as they like. The truth is he’s right: the media is biased against him to the point of insanity. And the way Trump has presented the awards on Twitter, and whoever wrote the announcements on, has been funny, perceptive, and social-media savvy. In the war that is Trump versus the media, Trump is winning.

Through Twitter, Trump has turned media bias against him into his great political asset. Voters who aren’t pathologically anti-Trump can see that he has a point about how unfair the mainstream coverage of him is, and increasingly people tend to believe him not the press. And the more he winds up channels such as CNN, as he has done today, the more their bias intensifies and becomes blatant.

Still, while tweeting the truth about fake news may be a Trump ace card, his greatest weak point as president over the last year has arguably been his own stupidity on Twitter. Here then are Trump’s very own Bad Tweet Awards 2017, seven times the president has virtually shot himself in his foot in his first year. To be clear, these are not instances when Trump said something offensive or unPC. That’s a deliberate part of his media strategy and at times even quite clever. These are just times he has been very silly on social media and undermined himself.

1) The ‘Death Penalty’ tweet:

The Fake News Media often says that Trump has the makings of a dictator, and sometimes he proves their point for them. In this tweet, he sounds a lot like an ancient emperor pronouncing death of one his citizens. Some Americans may have thrilled at his toughness, he was tweeting about a terror suspect, but most decent people felt repulsed.

2) The covfefe tweet:

A gift for all social media sneerers: covfefe instantly became a meme for the millions of people who want to say Trump is a moron. Read over before publishing, Donald. Or don’t. You’re winning!

3) The Britain First retweets:

Who knew Britain First wasn’t just some limey riff on America First? Donald didn’t! Britain doesn’t matter half as much to Americans as we like to think. Nevertheless Trump’s mindless retweeting of disgusting anti-Muslim videos, one of which seems to have been fake, was a pretty huge misstep. He forced Theresa May, who had been willing to take considerable flak for having been friendly to Trump, into rebuking him. He made himself like not just a internet troll, but a very thick one.

4) The @theresamay tweet:

Doubling down on his Britain First folly, Trump then tweeted aggressively at Theresa May, a private account with six followers, not the Prime Minister. Alas, Trump’s misdirected Twitter wasn’t to Teresa May, the porn actress and PM namesake, otherwise the gaffe would have been perfect.

5) The Kim Jong-un fat tweet:

The Donald was at this time doing a good impression of a grown-up statesman during his grand tour of Asia. Then he went and spoiled it all with this. Trump loyalists will say he is communicating on a level none of us understands, and that his aggressive tweets towards North Korea have proved effective. They have a point. But, I mean, come on!

6) The EASY D tweet:

What is EASY D? Nobody knows. Trump might be, as Boris Johnson put it, penetrating corners of the global consciousness that no other president has reached. But sometimes his mystical powers of communication elude us mere mortals.

7) The Merry Christmas tweet:

Whether it’s crushing Isis or turning around the American economy, Trump has a tendency to take a bit more credit than he deserves. Fair enough, that’s politics. But in claiming to have saved the phrase Merry Christmas he went a bit far, especially since people were able to retweet earlier tweets of him saying: