The Anthony Scaramucci Story has a new lease of life.

After publicly atoning for his past support of President Trump, the one-time White House director of communications has been brought into the fold of The Resistance. In recent weeks, The Mooch has announced he is starting an anti-Trump super PAC and has discussed plans to thwart Trump’s nomination as the Republican presidential candidate with NeverTrump figurehead Bill Kristol.

Of course, any dissident network needs secure and private channels of communication. It seems the ‘The Committee to Dismantle Trump‘ — Scaramucci’s words, not Cockburn’s — will operate from the favored encrypted messaging app of spies and journalists: Signal. A tipster sent Cockburn the following screenshot yesterday, which appears to show that the Mooch joined the app on Monday.


According to WIRED:

If you’re super concerned about messages being read by the wrong eyes, Signal lets you force individual conversations to delete themselves after a designated amount of time. Signal’s security doesn’t stop at texts. All of your calls are encrypted, so nobody can listen in. Even if you have nothing to hide, it’s nice to know that your private life is kept, you know, private.

While the messaging app will offer him more privacy, The Mooch hasn’t always been so careful with his communications. Scaramucci was fired from his position at the White House in 2017 after making an unsolicited call to New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza, blowing his top about the personnel on the White House communications staff. In the past, Scaramucci has followed over 160,000 people on Twitter, and has prudently narrowed his following count to 874. When joining a dissident network, one must be careful with who he follows, and making career-ending calls to journalists is certainly out of the question.

For now, we can only wonder what conspiracies and plans are in the works for The Committee to Dismantle Trump behind those digital closed doors. What we do know, though, is that this operation will be clean and professional. Discussing his role in The Resistance with Vanity Fair, Scaramucci was firm about his standards: ‘I’m not calling him Small Hands or saying he’s got a small penis. I’m not doing any of that.’ Cockburn commends Mr Scaramucci for his commitment of civility – Bret Stephens would be proud – and looks forward to his Signal messages leaking to Twitter.

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