Suburban women are understood to be one of the most crucial demographic groups in the presidential election on November 3. Many pollsters currently predict that President Donald Trump will lose due to his unpopularity with that category of voters. But have the Democrats really reclaimed the suburbs? Or are there more likely Republican voters than the polls suggest? 

The Spectator tracked down a series of so-called ‘closet Trump’ voters, women from the suburbs who would never publicly voice their support for the President for fear of recrimination in their social circles. These are their stories.

Columbus, Ohio

I am a conservative Republican woman and my Christian faith is the foundation of my family. My faith is constantly under attack by Democrats. During the pandemic, people have been permitted to go and protest in large gatherings, yet my church has had to follow strict guidelines in order to remain open. That contradiction is just another example of the left’s hostility to faith.

I live in a community where there are many Biden, Dump Trump, and Black Lives Matter signs. Sadly, I know that if I were to put up a Trump-Pence 2020 sign, not only would that sign be defaced or ripped down, I also fear my house and my cars would be vandalized. More worrisome, I fear some of the antifa idiots would target my children. I have never been a fan of video surveillance or having a gun, but, during these uncertain times, both have been introduced to my household, something I never dreamed I would need living in a tranquil place like Ohio.

My husband and I are part of the silent majority who keep our views in the closet, but vote religiously.

Living where I live, I’ve learned to keep my views to myself and focus on my kids. I have great relationships with my neighbors because I make it a point to keep my views to myself. When someone starts talking politics, I limit my responses to statements like ‘yeah, things are crazy’ or ‘it’s amazing people like him’ where they can think I’m agreeing with them when I’m really not. I’ve learned to scan bumpers to find other allies.

I struggle when trying to explain to my children why being a nominee for the Supreme Court who is a Catholic like Amy Coney Barrett is disqualifying, yet Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was, rightly, never attacked for being Jewish. The left has no qualms with Joe Biden being Catholic, but, let’s be honest, he is really Catholic in name only, as are so many Democrats who reject the church’s core teaching on life.

I know it sounds silly, but President Trump’s actions to get Ohio State college football back on is a big deal where I live. Most of us have kids who are actively playing sports, so it made no sense that college players couldn’t play. On any given Saturday, many Ohioans are tuned into watch the Buckeyes or the Cincinnati Bearcats battle on the gridiron. It is a core aspect of being an Ohioan. Trump ‘gets’ that.

It is disheartening how our media is so biased and one-sided that basic facts get ignored if those facts help Trump or hurt Biden and amplified beyond recognition if they hurt Trump or help Biden. I used to read the daily paper and watch the news, but not anymore.

My husband and I have worked very hard to achieve what we have in life and what we are able to provide for our children. Neither of us had the privilege that so many want to believe you have if you simply grew up white. Such a view belittles the toil and sacrifices we had to make to get where are. We are instilling in our children the value of our Christian faith, education, and hard work — and that nothing is given to you, but you must earn everything. We also teach them that it is important to help those who need help and to protect all life.

I believe firmly that President Trump and Vice President Pence are the future of our country. I worry what will happen if the progressive left is put in charge. Would my children still be able to attend the Catholic schools where true history of our country is taught and being proud to be an American is encouraged? Will America remain America?

I proudly voted Trump-Pence in 2016 and I will do so again in 2020. When I do, my children will go to the polls with me on Election Day, as I want them to know that voting in person is important — even when the line is long or the weather is miserable. I just hope that the other mothers like me, who go to bed each night worried about the safety and future of their children, will have their votes counted. I will feel so much more secure over the next four years with President Trump and Vice President Pence leading our great country.

I know the polls say President Trump is losing Ohio and America, but I think the silent majority will pull this out for him in two weeks. May God bless the United States of America!