A world apart

Scientists detected the presence of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus, possibly indicating the presence of primitive life. What would life be like on Venus?

— The surface temperature is in excess of 870º F, meaning no form of life from Earth could exist there.

— The atmosphere is almost entirely made up of carbon dioxide, which would preclude the presence of any Earth-like animal — although plants might enjoy it.

— The best chance for life is roughly 30 to 40 miles above the planet’s surface, where temperatures are more like those on Earth.

Burning issue

How many homes are at extreme risk of wildfire?

California 2.05m

Texas 717,000

Colorado 374,000

Arizona 242,000

Idaho 175,000

Washington 160,000

Oklahoma 153,000

The many and the few

In which states are people most overrepresented and most under-represented in the Electoral College?

Most overrepresented:

Wyoming (fewer than 150,000 people for each Electoral College vote)


District of Columbia


North Dakota

Most underrepresented:

Florida (more than 450,000 people for each Electoral College vote)

North Carolina



New York

Corona toll

Which states have had the most and fewest deaths from COVID-19 per million?


New Jersey 1,819

New York 1,702

Massachusetts 1,336

Connecticut 1,257

Louisiana 1,126


Alaska 60

Hawaii 70

Wyoming 73

Vermont 93

Oregon 121

This article is in The Spectator’s October 2020 US edition.