Of all the institutions deemed ripe for ‘decolonization’ there must none greater than that bastion of white supremacy, the British royal family. For social justice advocates, the House of Windsor must seem like the ultimate symbol of western imperialism. Even its nickname, ‘The Firm’, smacks of a shady capitalist conspiracy.

The royal family may not wield actual power these days but go back a century or so and this most embedded of institutions lorded it over an empire that covered a third of the globe. Even without real authority, the royal family still represents the apotheosis of privilege and empire. It amazes me that the House of Windsor, that ancient monument to Mammon, is still standing despite the statue-toppling activists.

It would be mad to imagine that by infiltrating the royal household, Meghan Markle was a willing foot-soldier in the left’s push to end ‘white supremacy’ culture. Still, those wishing to bring down the last pillars of western civilization could not have asked for a better ally in Meghan. Ignore those diamond earrings gifted her by a totalitarian prince from Saudi Arabia three weeks after he offed Jamal Khashoggi. Meghan’s progressive credentials as a Woman of Color are immaculate.

Her Disney-style wedding allowed Meghan to ingratiate herself in the British public’s affections, but then the couple decided to settle not for a life of dull duty, but a full-scale attack on western values and a lucrative and spiritually meaningful restructuring of society from the bottom up. For Meghan’s worldview to succeed, the Windsors must fall.

Meghan and Harry’s mission extends way beyond the narrow confines of monarchy. Like all good advocates, their ultimate goal is to change the very fabric of society. As such, they were never going to leave quietly. Now that they have sold their shares in Windsor Group PLC and their souls to the stunningly brave California re-education factory, the couple are in a far stronger position to take their pushback to the next level but first they need celebrities like Oprah and James Corden onside to lead the charge against the monarchy.

And so we learn that life within the palace became ‘almost unsurvivable’ for our renegade royals. Really? Living in castles and waving at plebs may not be to everyone’s liking — but ‘unsurvivable’? That’s quite a charge, whatever it means. Yes, there’s been the usual British press intrusion, but comparisons to what Harry mother’s Diana went through are disingenuous. Meghan has already won her libel case against Associated Newspapers.

It’s obvious that the Firm is antithetical to everything the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now stand for, but they’re going to need more than self-righteous indignation to topple this particular power structure. What we need now, and what she needs if she’s to bring down the House of Windsor, is some hard evidence of actual wrongdoing on the part of the royal family. By batting away any criticism of her personality as evidence of systemic racism, Meghan may well have succeeded in bringing young people onboard — and it is the young who will ultimately be charged with bringing about the next phase of the social-justice revolution.

Harry’s transformation has been swift and laser sharp. Within a few short years the ginger prince has gone from macho marine to psychobabble spouting, upwardly inflected SJW advocate enthralled by all the latest progressive orthodoxies. The exiled Duchess has done a remarkable job of molding her husband into unerring allyship.

So here we are: the couple are ready for battle on primetime TV. The fallout may be bloody but have no doubt: the monarchy will survive this latest onslaught. After all, the Brits always defend their beloved monarchy, in the end. If only the rest of us had the courage to defend against the decolonization of all our other institutions.