Is the Death Star about to implode? Trump campaign manager (at least at this writing) Brad Parscale bragged some weeks back that he was about to pull the big guns out to demolish the Biden campaign — a ‘juggernaut campaign (Death Star)’. It was a weird comparison considering the Death Star goes down for the count in two Star Wars movies. But then again, Parscale is also the guy who stated that millions were pining to show up at Trump’s ill-fated rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since then, Trump canceled another rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, claiming that bad weather had forced his hand.

Not much is going well for Trump, who seems about as stable as Emperor Palpatine these days. Apart from issuing an ukase on behalf of Roger Stone, Trump has been reduced to attempting to transform the mild-mannered Anthony Fauci into some kind of malevolent deep state operative. The Trump administration has released a long list of Fauci’s alleged infractions, shearing off his verbal qualifications about the coronavirus, in the hopes of making him look more like Dr. Kevorkian than a reassuring figure. Meanwhile, Trump’s lunatic education secretary Betsy DeVos is doing her best imitation of the Child Catcher, insisting that the little ones must return to school as soon as possible. Rep. Ayanna Pressley declared about DeVos’s damn the torpedoes approach, ‘I wouldn’t trust you to care for a house plant let alone my child.’

As his poll ratings sag — Gallup has him at a 38 percent approval rating and the Dallas Morning News says Texas has become a swing state — Trump is turning to Twitter to try and resuscitate his political fortunes. One tactic is trying to scare the media into easing up on its coverage by suggesting ratings will tank if he’s no longer president. Trump tweeted today black-and-white footage of a somnolent Biden with the caption, ‘Is this what you want for your President??? With no ratings, media will go down along with our great USA!’ In addition, Don Jr. has been blaming the media for Trump’s unpopularity. On Fox News, he claimed that the media has ‘totally abdicated their position to objectively look at both sides.’

Another gambit is to claim that everything is hunky-dory with the stock market and employment, even though over 1 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week: ‘The Lamestream Media is not talking about what is happening with the Stock Market and JOBS. Both are doing GREAT! The Radical Left will destroy the USA. Be careful what you wish for!’

But when Trump reigns, it pours. Iowa, Arizona, Florida and Texas are slipping from his grasp. The diehards, of course, are clinging to Trump: in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has been censured by a handful of county Republican Party organizations for bucking the President and reimposing lockdown restrictions after a rise in coronavirus cases. The GOP is doubling down on its convention in Jacksonville, where coronavirus cases are spiking: ‘It’s a risk you have to take,’ Morton Blackwell, a longtime Republican strategist, told the New York Times. Actually, it isn’t. As America is brought low by the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Republican party itself will simply be another casualty of Trump’s serial bungling. Any sentient Republicans in Jacksonville may want to start searching the shoreline for a lifeboat before Trump completely submerges the GOP in a sea of ineptitude.